Lease Your Commercial Dishwasher

Whether you're just starting your business or you've had your business for a long time, you know how expensive kitchen equipment can be. To buy these machines upfront can cost thousands of dollars and might mean that you have to economize in other areas of your business. However, if you have a short-term need for a commercial dishwasher or are expanding your business but don't have the funds to buy a new machine right away, then leasing may be a great option for you and your business.

Keep Your Equipment Up-to-Date

One main advantage to leasing is that you'll be given the newest equipment, often with a full-maintenance contract that covers parts and labor for the length of the leasing period. If you want to keep your machinery up-to-date without having to replace or repair it yourself, leasing may be the great option. The installation fee is also covered when you lease with us.

Take Advantage of Potential Tax Savings

Another advantage of leasing a commercial dishwasher is the potential of tax savings. Often times, your leasing expense is tax-deductible. For select equipment, you can also find a sales tax exemption. Call us for more ways you can save on your leased equipment.

Leasing the Right Commercial Dishwasher

At Mission Restaurant Supply, we can accommodate any business budget to create the perfect leasing package for you and your needs. You can choose from top brands like, Hobart, Lamber, and CMA and find the right commercial dishwasher for your needs—many of our products even have Energy Star ratings to help you save money on energy costs.

Do you have a large amount of soiled dishes that need to be washed quickly and efficiently? Consider leasing one of our conveyor dishwashers. Our conveyors are equipped serve hospitals, schools, and hotels alike.

Need an even more efficient way to wash your dishes and have plenty of room in your kitchen? Our door type commercial dishwashers can almost double the output of a commercial undercounter dishwasher.

If you are running a small bar or restaurant, then an undercounter dishwasher can easily meet your dishwashing needs. If you need a dishwasher just for glasses, especially in the bar industry, a commercial glasswasher can ensure that you always have clean glassware for your customers. All these products and more are available for lease.

To learn more about our leasing services, contact us today. You'll receive a quote on our commercial dishwashers, free of charge and at no obligation! Call 1-888-209-6180.